Tirta Assistance Service (TAS)

24/7 international emergency assistance is integrated with medical assistance, security, and travel such as doctors to the home, road appointments, guarantees of hospital costs, or other necessary assistance.

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About Tirta Assistance Service (TAS)

About Tirta Assistance Service (TAS)

Tirta Assistance Service (TAS) dedicated to providing medical assistance supported by operational staff who can speak bilingual as well as doctors, paramedics and staff with experience in their fields

The TAS is here to help with field barriers and limited access to health care in remote areas. The restrictions on access in this area of health are like the lack of good hospital facilities, doctors, nurses or clinics. TAS is present providing medical assistance, travel assistance, call center support, ground assistance and third-party insurance and health insurance.

Type of Service
Tirta Assistance Service

  • Medical Assistance

    Efficient medical assistance services will adapt to the situation and condition faced by the patient.

  • Travel Assistance

    With TAS, you don't have to feel alone as we can be contacted 24 hours a day whenever you encounter any difficulties during the trip

  • 24/7 Alarm Center

    Our Alarm Centre team, supported by adequate devices, is ready to answer all calls from your company

  • Asistensi Darat

    Membantu anda melakukan perjalanan khususnya mengatasi permasalahan pada kendaraan Anda

  • Administrasi Pihak Ketiga - Asuransi Kesehatan

    Saat ini, kami memiliki lebih dari 2.800 penyedia fasilitas medis yang telah menandatangani perjanjian dengan Divisi TPA

Why You Need Medical Assistance Program?

Here are some considerations why you need this program further

TAS helps facilitate access to medical aid

TAS services can help company management in providing information on medical facilities where employees are placed, even in remote places

TAS helps provide easy access to medical costs

TAS services can be helpful in providing guarantees for medical costs due to uncertainty in existing medical facilities whether they can accept insurance or not

TAS helps to guarantee medical assistance given to the target

You as company management do not need to worry if something happens to an employee at work, such as serious illness or injury due to a work accident, considering that TAS can provide guaranteed medical assistance, both evacuation and doctor consultation in terms of long-distance medicine.

TAS services can be tailored to the needs of Management

The assistance services provided can be adjusted with other assistance services according to the conditions and urgency that vary in each company.

Tirta Assistance Service

Company Medical Assistance

Domestic Corporate Medical Aid Designed for local institutions to keep employees' productivity meeting...

Insurance Medical Assistance

This program is designed to be coupled with insurance where two different companies will run together to complement each other and will...

Overseas Case Correspondent

A network of assistance and correspondence partners spread abroad, where TAS will provide superior health services to domestic and foreign partners

Alarm Center

The Alarm Center is available 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, ready to help you with the support of the Operational Coordinator and Medical Coordinator