Tirta Medical Centre
Apothecary Services

ApothecaryTirta Medical Centre is a complete and reliable pharmacy that provides a wide range of medicines, ranging from multivitamines, prescription drugs, herbs that can be accessed through the marketplace of choice.

Most Popular Product


  • Imboost Force Tablet

  • Acetylcysteine 200 mg

  • Sumagesic

  • Paratusin

We Provide
Apothecary Service


We provide affordable, complete and reliable medicines, medical devices, and BMHP.


Apothecary Tirta Medical Centre provides drug orders through marketplaces such as Halodoc, GoApotik & Tokopedia

Business To Business

Apothecary Tirta Medical Centre provides medicines and health devices in large quantities to Companies & other health facilities

Why Apothecary Service
Tirta Medical Centre

  • Complete Medicine & Certified BADAN POM

  • Supervised by a Competent Pharmacist

  • Competitive & Affordable Price

  • Available in Ecommerce Indonesia, Halodoc & Tokopedia

  • Fast Delivery & Safety

  • Flexible Time and Location