TPA/ASO Health Administration
Tirta Medical Center

TPA/ASO Tirta Medical Centre is a leading healthcare service administration provider in Indonesia, based on a technology-driven system and an extensive network of providers (3,000+ and continuously growing)

Tirta Medical Center

What is TPA?

TPA / ASO Tirta Medical Center is the best and leading healthcare administration provider company in Indonesia based on system technology and an extensive provider network (3,000+ and growing)

What is ASO?

ASO (Administrative Services Only) is a health administration service to directly assists companies in managing, and monitoring employee health budget funds effectively and efficiently by company regulations both on a cashless and reimburse basis

TMC's TPA/ASO service is an integrated Health Administration system between the company and its network of healthcare providers

TPA/ASO Service Excellence
Tirta Medical Center

Hotline 24/7
Extensive Provider Network
Guarantee Letter &
Discharge Letter
Monthly & Annual Reports
Inpatient Monitoring
Costumize Benefit
(According to company regulations)
Case Management & Investigation
Health Talk Specialist Doctors
Claim Management

Support System
TPA/ASO Service

TPA/ASO Latest Services
Tirta Medical Center


Covers the difference in the cost of upgrading the class level of the room, medicines and surgery that are not covered by BPJS

Accident Claims

Cooperate with accident insurance in analyzing accident claims and guaranteeing the difference in costs that are not covered by BPJS Labor

TPA/ASO Cooperation
Tirta Medical Center

  • Company incorporated with at least 50 people

  • Health Insurance

  • Health insurance

Information on how to use the app
T-Care Mobile Apps

Information on how to use the app
T-Care Mobile Apps

Health insurance application that is integrated between the company and employees to make it easier for users to see the provider network, the status of benefits obtained and the profile of the company's employees