Tirta Medical Centre
Providing Diagnostic

A complete and modern supporting test, Tirta Medical Center provides Spirometry, Audiometry, ECG, X-ray, ultrasound and other medical test

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Diagnostics Test
Service Facilities


A test to assess the activity of the heart under resting conditions


A test aimed at assessing hearing function and detecting the presence or absence of hearing loss


A test aimed to determine the activity of the heart during exertion


A test aimed to look inside the body using x-rays, which aims to detect disease, and monitor the condition of the body


A test using ultrasound waves aims to determine the condition of organs or tissues of the body. Ultrasound is available in both 3D and 4D


A test to determine the capacity of lung function

Advantages of Providing
Diagnostic Test Services

Comfortable clinic facilities during test

Professional, experienced & friendly medical staff

Easy flow of services

Has modern units

Has a portable unit that can be carried anywhere

Calibrated medical devices that pass the feasibility tes