It’s important to understand why potential employees fail the Medical Check Up (MCU) to prepare for the tough selection process in Indonesia.

Many candidates are uncertain why they fail the MCU, even though this process is crucial for their career. Understanding what causes test failure can help you prepare for the test day.

This article will discuss the common reasons for MCU test failures and how Tirta Medical Centre handles them.

What Are the MCU Tests for Employment?

A Medical Check Up is a series of health exams to evaluate the physical and mental health of potential employees for their job requirements. Here are some of the tests commonly included in an employee’s MCU for work:

1. General Physical Examination

This is a simple assessment that involves measuring weight, height, checking blood pressure, temperature, and pulse rate. The purpose of this exam is to ascertain the general physical condition of the applicant.

2. Laboratory Tests

This involves testing blood and urine samples to check various health parameters, including:

  • Liver and kidney functions.
  • Blood glucose and lipid levels.
  • Tests for infectious diseases and immunization status.

3. Lung Function Test

Tests like spirometry assess lung capacity and function, which are important for jobs with physical demands or exposure to irritants.

4. Vision and Hearing Examination

Important for jobs that need good vision and hearing, such as those that require observing details or working in noisy places.

5. Mental Health Evaluation

Includes interviews or questionnaires to identify potential mental health issues that could affect work capability.

6. Special Physical Tests

Sometimes, tests for strength, flexibility, and stamina are conducted for physically demanding positions.

7. Drug Screening

Many companies require this test to ensure that prospective employees are free from the influence of illegal drugs.

To increase their chances of passing the MCU and getting the job they want, prospective employees should understand the different types of exams and prepare accordingly.

Reasons for Not Passing the Medical Check Up for Employment

Understanding the common causes of failure in the employment Medical Check Up can help prospective employees better prepare themselves. Here are 7 reasons for not passing or failing the employment MCU:

1. Chronic Medical Conditions

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, or uncontrolled cardiovascular disease, can often pose health risks in the workplace and therefore might hinder participation in the MCU.

2. Abnormal Laboratory Test Results

Abnormal results in blood or urine tests, such as impaired liver or kidney function, or elevated blood sugar levels, can lead to failure in the MCU.

3. Deficiencies in Physical Tests

Poor performance in physical tests assessing strength, endurance, or flexibility can also be a reason for rejection, especially for jobs that require high physical ability.

4. Use of Prohibited Substances

A positive result in drug testing is a common cause of MCU failure, given that many companies have a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of illegal drugs.

5. Mental Health

Another cause for not passing the medical check-up is the mental health of the prospective employee. Undisclosed or uncontrolled mental health issues, which can affect performance or safety at the workplace, are often highlighted during the mental health evaluation in the MCU.

6. Inadequate Vision and Hearing

For jobs that rely on sharp vision and hearing, deficiencies in these aspects can be a reason for not passing the MCU.

7. Unknown Health History

Sometimes, health issues previously unknown to the prospective employee are revealed during the MCU, which could alter the results of their suitability evaluation for work.

Understanding these factors and how they can affect employment opportunities is key to successfully navigating the MCU process.

Tips for Passing the Company Medical Check Up

To ensure you successfully pass the company Medical Check Up, here are some tips you can follow.

Success in the MCU not only increases your chances of being accepted into the desired job but also helps you better understand your health condition. Here are some recommended tips:

1. Diet Regulation

Before undergoing the MCU, it is crucial to watch your food intake. Avoid fatty, high-sugar foods, and alcohol which can affect your blood test results. On the day of the MCU, consume light, healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Adequate Sleep

Ensure you get enough sleep the night before the MCU. Lack of sleep can affect several test results, such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

3. Good Hydration

Drinking enough water before undergoing the tests can help avoid dehydration. However, be sure to follow instructions if you are asked to fast, which usually includes not eating or drinking anything except water for 8-12 hours before the test.

4. Light Exercise

Light physical activity such as walking can help keep your body in good condition without affecting test results. However, avoid strenuous exercise on the night before the MCU as it can affect test results such as liver enzymes.

5. Avoid Stress

Stress can affect several health parameters measured during the MCU. Try to stay calm and avoid stress before undergoing the examination.

6. Notification of Consumed Medications

If you are taking certain medications, make sure to inform the doctor performing the MCU. Some medications can affect test results and need to be known by the healthcare staff for accurate interpretation.

7. Prepare Medical Documents

If you have a specific health condition, bringing medical documents or previous test results can help the medical team conduct a more accurate evaluation.

By preparing yourself before the MCU, you not only maximize your chances of passing the MCU but also get a better overall picture of your health condition.

Why Is a Medical Check Up for Employment Necessary?

A Medical Check Up (MCU) plays a crucial role in the recruitment and workforce management process. Here are several reasons why an employment MCU is essential:

1. Workplace Safety

An MCU helps ensure that prospective employees are fit for the workplace. This is especially important for jobs involving heavy physical labor or the use of hazardous machinery.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Many industries have strict regulations regarding health and safety at work. An MCU is one way companies comply with these standards, as set by local or international health and safety authorities.

3. Work Efficiency

Healthy employees are generally more productive. By conducting an MCU, companies can ensure that their employees are in good health to perform their duties effectively.

4. Reduction of Healthcare Costs

By detecting health conditions early through an MCU, companies can lower healthcare expenses through timely intervention, thereby avoiding costs associated with advanced illnesses later.

5. Health Risk Management

An MCU assists companies in managing health risks at the workplace, allowing them to adjust working conditions or provide additional health support for employees who need it.

6. Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Providing an MCU as part of the employee benefits package can enhance employee satisfaction and aid in employee retention. It shows that the company cares about the health and well-being of its employees.

By recognizing the importance of the MCU in a work context, companies can ensure that they not only meet regulatory needs but also support the long-term health of their employees, which in turn positively impacts productivity and the company’s success.

Medical Check Up Services at Tirta Medical Centre (TMC)

Tirta Medical Centre is one of the healthcare facilities that offer comprehensive Medical Check Up (MCU) services for companies.

The MCU at Tirta Medical Centre is designed to provide a thorough health assessment for employees, supporting companies in ensuring the health and work suitability of their employees. Here are some key aspects of the MCU services at Tirta Medical Centre:

1. Customizable Examination Packages

Tirta Medical Centre offers various Medical Check Up packages that can be customized according to the specific needs of the company and the type of job. For inquiries and reservations for employee MCUs, contact us here:

These packages can include basic tests such as complete blood examination, urine test, and physical examination, to more specific tests like audiometry, spirometry, and vision tests.

2. Modern Facilities and Latest Technology

Tirta Medical Centre is equipped with modern medical facilities and uses the latest technology to conduct various health tests. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in the collection of results.

3. Experienced Medical Team

The MCU at Tirta Medical Centre is handled by an experienced and trained medical team. This team includes specialist doctors, certified nurses, and laboratory technicians, all working together to provide the best service.

We hope this article about the reasons for failing a medical check-up among prospective employees helps you prepare before undergoing an MCU. Stay healthy, dear friends at Tirta!