Cholesterol is a condition that can increase the risk of various other diseases such as stroke and heart disease. Therefore, many of you might need to reduce the risk of these diseases by taking cholesterol medication.

However, apart from medication, there are several natural ways you can implement to lower high fat levels. Adopting natural methods can lower cholesterol and prevent other diseases, promoting a healthy life.

Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol Besides Using Medication

Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

In addition to taking cholesterol medication, there are several natural lowering methods that you can implement in daily life. Here are 8 ways to naturally lower cholesterol that you can try:

1. Exercise Regularly

    The first and most effective natural way you can implement to reduce the risk of cholesterol is by exercising regularly. You can start by exercising for about 10 minutes every day.

    Once you’re used to it, you can increase your exercise to 30 minutes each day and then gradually increase it more. There are several types of exercise you can do to lower cholesterol. Examples include jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, and gardening.

    2. Increase Fiber Intake

      Besides cholesterol medication, you can reduce the risk of this disease by consuming fiber-rich foods. Fiber functions to bind fats in the intestines.

      This allows you to reduce the cholesterol present in your blood. Types of fiber-rich foods you can consume include fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains.

      3. Consume Foods Containing Healthy Fats

        Eating foods rich in healthy fats can naturally boost your good cholesterol levels.

        In addition, you can also consume foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon.

        4. Avoid Consuming Foods Containing Bad Fats

          While you are allowed to consume foods with healthy fats, on the other hand, you must avoid consuming foods with bad fats.

          Why? Because these fats can increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Examples of foods containing bad fats that you should avoid include fast food, fried foods, sweets, cheese, and toast.

          5. Reduce Sweet Foods

          Reducing the consumption of foods high in sugar is also a natural way to lower cholesterol. How do you control your sugar intake? You just need to limit the use of added sugar and always check the sugar content in every food and drink you consume.

          6. Start Quitting Alcoholic Beverages

          Another effective method you can apply besides taking cholesterol medication is to start quitting alcohol. Consuming alcoholic beverages has a significant impact on raising bad cholesterol levels in your body.

          7. Maintain an Ideal Weight

          Being overweight or obese is also one of the causes of increased cholesterol in your body. Therefore, you should also maintain your weight to stay at an ideal level, neither fat nor thin.

          You can use your BMI (Body Mass Index) to check if your weight is ideal. If your BMI calculation results range from 185-249, then your weight is considered ideal.

          8. Reduce Excessive Stress

          Some studies have indicated that high stress levels can lead to high levels of bad cholesterol. In addition to just taking cholesterol medication, try to manage stress levels so that they are not too excessive.

          Perhaps if you have been experiencing high stress levels recently, you could use the services of an online doctor consultation. Because through professional services, you can get better solutions for the stress you are experiencing.

            Let’s Reduce Cholesterol Medication and Switch to Natural Methods!

            Those are 8 natural ways you can implement to lower your cholesterol levels. Through the methods above, you can reduce the use of medication and switch to natural ways to lower cholesterol.

            However, it should be noted that these methods will be effective if you apply them consistently. And if your cholesterol worsens, you can contact Tirta Medical Centre. You can get the best treatment and solutions for the disease you suffer from.


            1. What is cholesterol?

            Cholesterol is a disease or condition where a person has an excessive amount of fatty substances in their blood. Too much cholesterol can clog blood vessels, which can cause the sufferer to have strokes and heart problems.

            2. What causes high cholesterol levels?

            Cholesterol disease is generally caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and excessive consumption of fast food. However, there are some other conditions that also cause cholesterol to increase. For example, cholesterol can become a common health problem as age increases.

            3. What is the normal cholesterol level?

            The normal cholesterol level is usually less than 200 mg/dL.

            4. What are the signs of someone with cholesterol?

            Symptoms include feeling drowsy and tired, shortness of breath, sore muscles, thickening of nails, chest pain, inability to get an erection, weight gain, and frequent tingling.

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