There are several preparations that must be made before carrying out a Medical Check Up examination, such as:

General Inspection

  • Fasting is done 10-12 hours before the examination (don’t eat or drink except water)
  • Avoid smoking, drugs, alcoholic drinks because they will affect the examination results
  • If you are consuming routine medication (anti-hypertension medication, diabetes medication, etc.) please inform our staff at the clinic
  • Some types of medication need to be continued during fasting, while other medications need to be stopped during fasting depending on the type of examination

Rontgen Test

  • For women who are suspected of being pregnant/pregnant, an X-ray examination is not carried out
  • Please remove metal objects, necklaces, or for women to remove underwire bras during x-rays

Audiometri Test

  • Participants are expected to fast for at least 16 hours before performing audiometry


  • Do not consume caffeinated drinks such as tea & coffee before the examination
  • Please inform the officer if you have a history of heart disease

Pap Smear

  • Do not have sexual intercourse 72 hours before the test is carried out
  • Not menstruating and emptying the bladder
  • Do not use antiseptic wash or soap around the vagina 48 hours before the test